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Ramp takes a unique approach to facilitating investment in emerging technologies. We focus first on the technology, and build an investment strategy based on the stage and scope of the market opportunity. The nature of the opportunity and the validation of the markets help define the funding requirements. Our approach is to do more than attract money. We instill a methodology that accelerates growth and industry leadership.



A company’s senior team typically spends an immense amount of time chasing financing and communicating with investors when their best value is focused on execution. Ramp brings an end to this distraction; we help source for capitalization from seed, through series B and help drive companies to a profitable leadership position in the market.

With access to world-class scientist at federal labs, universities and independent companies Ramp provides a resource for peer review, analysis and collaboration for early technologies. Once a technology is refined, product and market validation becomes the next important step. Most companies get lost looking at market size and don’t understand the need or methods to gain a deeper understanding of their value in the market, along with strategies to approach the market. Ramp has defined acceleration programs to help address each stage of a company’s evolution. More important than a roadmap is the assistance through each stage - impacting revenue and early market momentum. Ramp is not a passive participant; we do more than show up at board meetings.


As companies begin to gain market validation, Ramp helps the companies with scalability and execution. Far too often companies have been forced to compromise process due to capital and human resources. Our approach is to instill predictable scalable processes across the company, and people who can help mentor the company and its team. There is no substitute for experience and trying to address scalability, architecture, and market requirements when the company is in high growth mode could become an enormous burden.


Our approach is to play in markets where we have deep understanding and resources to help guide the exit opportunities. Our approach is to begin with the end in mind, understanding where we have potential buyers and relationships to help guide early decisions and position company for exit opportunities. Our focus is to be capable of exiting by design and providing a great return to all stakeholders.

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