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Ramp Equity is a corporate and business development consulting firm that understands the challenges facing technology companies. We take a “hands on” approach working with the entrepreneurial team and investors to advance the technology, accelerate market adoption, and help create industry-leading companies.


We focus on driving revenue through strategic partnerships which helps our companies raise more capital, or creates momentum that leads to an M&A event. Being early doesn’t mean thinking small – we have launched industry leaders with limited funds from angels and helped others secure over $100,000,000 to execute on market opportunities. We have been at the table when concepts are born and been through multiple IPOs & acquisitions.


We are a team of former CEOs, senior executives, and founders who have built successful companies. We clearly understand each stage of growth from concept, early market adoption, through multiple rounds of funding and hyper-growth to successfully exits via acquisition or initial public offerings.



We are based in Seattle, but serve companies globally. We would love to learn more about your company, challenges and opportunities. 

For any inquiries, please contact us:

T +1 (206) 604-9000


8309 32nd Ave NW

Seattle WA 98117


you can fill in the following contact:

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